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Alexander Torres
Alexander Torres

Mms Sex Tube Clips Extra Quality

We have placed the tubal clips on the tubes at the time of a cesarean delivery if the baby has not delivered vaginally, shortly after a cesarean delivery, 3-4 days after a vaginal birth, 4 weeks after a vaginal birth or even 10-14 days after a cesarean delivery. 4 weeks after a vaginal birth is the longest period we have put these clips in. We have not seen any complications from the use of the tubal clips at the time of a cesarean delivery.

mms sex tube clips


The Hulka clip is used during a cesarean delivery to reverse the tube. We use the Hulka clip only in the appropriate situation. We have used this clip during a cesarean delivery in the rare situation when there is severe acute adhesion and the surgeon would not use the more invasive techniques of an extra abdominal or extra abdominal hysterotomy for the placement of the clips.

Tubal ligation (closure of the cervix) is one of the most common surgical procedures. We are the only doctors in the world using in-situ tubal ligation to reverse the tube. Tubal ligation in-situ (TLIS) is a technique used at the time of a cesarean delivery. The clips are placed near the uterine opening of the tubal ligation. The clips slowly dissolve in the surrounding tissue, ligate the fallopian tube and are removed at the time of the next cesarean delivery. TLIS is the most effective method to reverse the tube for any future pregnancy. Once the baby is born the fallopian tube is fully healed. In the year 2000, I was awarded a patent for the In-Situ Tubal Ligation for the Reversal of the Tube (examples of patents can be viewed on In 2006, I received the Real World Innovation Award from Medical Innovations, Inc. for the In-Situ Tubal Ligation. 2006 has also been the year where we have received the FDA 510(k) clearance for the In-Situ Tubal Ligation for the Reversal of the Tube.

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