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Guacamole Dip Recipe Carlos O Kelly

Editor's Note: Nachos are easy appetizers that please the crowd every time. This Nachos Grande recipe combies all the things you love about nachos - the cheese, the jalapenos, the guacamole, you name it - and can be made in under an hour. Unlike other nachos recipes, this one can easily be made with store-bought ingredients if you don't have the extra time to make your own beans or guacamole (or if ripened avocados are in short supply!) If you need appetizer ideas for your next party, you can't miss with this nachos recipe!Piled high with flavor, this variation of the nacho is served in many eateries throughout the Southwest. This plate of goodness - crispy chips layered with melted cheese - is garnished with fresh tomato and olives.

Guacamole Dip Recipe Carlos O Kelly


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